2/8/15 Weekly Meals

Sunday we were total bums. Kinda. Mike’s sister and her boyfriend brought their dog over for a puppy play date in the snow. Leo spent the rest of the day passed out and Mike and I were total bums ourselves. Overall, I’d say it was a very successful play date.

Leo and his cousin enjoying the snow.

Leo and his cousin enjoying the snow.

For lunch Sunday I made my all-time favorite, tomato soup and grilled cheese. I went to the store and got some Vienna bread and cheese. I got Muenster Cheese, Provolone, and Swiss (for Mike). Unfortunately I did not butter the bread before putting the sandwiches in the pan. I foolishly thought they wouldn’t burn if I just sprayed the pan with some Pam.  Oops. Lesson learned. They ended up in the garbage. The second round of sandwiches turned out all gooey and delicious though. They were perfect. Then, for dinner, I made crock pot mac and cheese. I found the recipe in my crock pot book. It has onions, stewed tomatoes, garlic, Italian seasoning, and, of course, cheese. Yum yum!

Monday and Tuesday Mike and I fended for ourselves and Wednesday night we had a date night.  The plan was to go for sushi and then to see American Sniper, but the roads were so bad because of the snow that we were late to dinner and then missed the movie.  Dinner was amazing though.  We went to Kumo.  We got edamame for starters and then FIVE rolls.  It was a lot of food, but it was so good and we definitely ate all of it.  Including the Angry Dragon roll which was delicious.

Angry Dragon roll from Kumo

Angry Dragon roll from Kumo

Thursday I was bad and just made some frozen chicken fries.  But, I don’t feel too bad because they’re tasty and its not like I make frozen food all of the time.

Friday we ordered subs and went over to our neighbors and Saturday I left to go visit my parents.  Before I left though I made Mike some cinnamon rolls.  Aren’t I cute?

Rolls1   Rolls2


And that was our week.  I’ll be better about making dinners this week.


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