4 Mile Interval Workout

Half-marathon training has not been going great.  I think the most I’ve run is 5 miles, but I run 3-4 miles consistently. Does that count for anything?  I really have to start doing long runs since the race is a month away.  Maybe I’ll attempt a long run this weekend.

Anyway though, I’ve generally been running between an 11 to 12 minute mile pace since that’s what i’ll likely be running the half marathon at.  Don’t judge.  Slow and steady finishes the race!  today I opted for a different workout though.  I found this interval workout online and tweaked it a little bit.  First, I didn’t do any of the inclines.  Its just too much of a pain to keep changing speeds and intervals.  At least that’s what I told myself.  Then, the workout went a bit like this:

Time          Speed

0-2              4.0

2-5              5.5

5-8              6.5

8-12            6.0

12-15          6.5

15-20          6.0

20-22         7.0

22-30         5.5

30-33         6.5

33-37          5.5

37-41          6.0

As you can see, I needed a longer rest after running at 7.0.  I could have probably done the original interval workout, but I was overheating and things were getting ugly.  That’ll be my goal for next week.  Overall though, I thought it was a great workout.  It wasn’t too difficult, but I definitely needed mental encouragement to keep going.  The best was that I finished my 4 miles a lot sooner than I would have had a just run the 4 miles at a steady, slow pace.  Yay for being done sooner rather than later.

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