7 Reasons Super Bowl XLIX Was Such a Disappointment

This years Super Bowl was disappointing, and not just because Seattle didn’t win.   I cannot stand the Patriots and I especially hate Tom Brady.  Anyone who leaves their pregnant supermodel girlfriend for another supermodel is a jerk.  Not to mention he doesn’t tip his valets and is total cry baby.  As much as I hate him though, I can’t deny that he is a superb quarterback and extremely hot.  Regardless though, I was hoping Seattle would crush him and his minions.  They didn’t.  Disappointment #1.

So not only did Seattle lose, but they did it in poor fashion.  Doug Baldwin showed extremely poor sportsmanship in pretending to pull down his pants and poop on the Patriots logo after scoring a touchdown in the third quarter.  You wanna celebrate?  You should.  You wanna talk a little smack?  Go ahead.  You want to be disgusting and act like a first-rate loser, do it so I can’t see.  Thank you NBC for cutting away and not showing Baldwin’s despicable behavior.  Grow up Baldwin.  You get paid a lot of money.  You’re playing in the biggest game of the year.  You make a big play in the biggest game of the year.  You are supposed to be a role model and yet when the spotlight is on you, you take that opportunity to do something so deplorable.  Shame on you.  I would hope for a big fine, but you make so much money a fine wouldn’t effect you in the least.  Disgusting.  Disappointment #2.

I was already annoyed with the Seahawks after the Baldwin incident, but then there was “the play”.  You know which play.  The play in which Pete Carroll forgot how football is played and called a pass play instead of running the clock, running the ball, and utilizing their best player to seal the deal on the game.  Ugh!  Disappointment #3

Then, after “the play”, Seahawks again caused me to hang my head in disappointment when they started a fight with the Patriots.  Classy.  What are you teaching kids?  If you can’t beat them, beat them?  Shame on you.  Sure, Bruce Irvin was ejected from the game and I’m sure he’ll be fined.  Big deal.  Damage is done.  MILLIONS of people saw what you did and how you acted.  No one cares that you apologized after the fact.  Millions of people did not see you apologize.  Great role model you are.  Disappointment #4.

So, okay, Patriots win.  Fine.  Okay.  Then Tom Brady gets voted MVP though.  Seriously?  Are you people so in love with Brady that you cannot see all of the other amazing players that played in that game.  Specifically I’m talking about Julian Edelman.  That guy played his heart out and probably left his brains on the field after that hit from Kam Chancellor.  He had a big game for the Patriots and kept showing up and getting the job done.  Brady on the other hand threw two interceptions and was seen pouting on the sidelines when it looked like the game might be over for the Patriots.  Seriously?  That’s who you pick for MVP?  Disappointment #5.

Going back to Julian Edelman though, there is no doubt the guy got rocked by Chancellor.  You could visibly see him wobbling/stumbling after the hit and he did not look stable throughout the rest of the game.  There seems to be a lot of questions about whether Edelman was evaluated for a concussion.  I don’t know what that answer is.  However, as a spectator, I could SEE Edelman was shook up pretty good.  Anyone who saw the hit and saw how Edelman reacted afterwards would think he needed to be looked at.  Belichick’s comments that he is the coach and doesn’t get involved in the medical stuff made my jaw drop.  He is the coach!  Yes, his job is to call the plays and win games, but he also has a responsibility to the players.  Too often lately we have been hearing about the “cost” of concussions to former NFL players.  Belichick’s comments made him seem cold and heartless.  Clearly he cares more about winning a game than the well being of his players.  #Disappointment #6.

Lastly, the commercials.  The Super Bowl is supposed to be a fun time with family, friends, food, and beer.  The commercials were depressing.  They brought the whole mood down.  I stopped watching after awhile.  #Disappointment #7.

Clearly I was disappointed in the game, but what did you think?

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