Beware of Crabapples

I hate crabapples.  They may seem harmless, but they’re not.

My hatred for crabapples began many many years ago.  You see, my grandparents used to have a crabapple tree in their front yard and one day my cousins and I decided we were going to have a crabapple fight.  Why not, right?  So, we proceeded to pick up crabapples off the ground and chuck them at one another.  That’s love right there.  Well, anyways…I ended up getting struck with a crabapple in the mouth.  Lucky me.  Sometime shortly thereafter I developed a bruise that started at the corner of my mouth and, over the course of several days, seemed to expand down my chin and onto my neck.  Turns out the crabapple was rotted and when I got hit in the mouth I got of mouthful of poisonous bacteria.  Apparently, if the “bruise” reached my heart, I would have died.  Thankfully though, we got to the doctors and I got some antibiotics with plenty of time to spare.  (I may be exaggerating or just full of crap, but that’s how I remember it and that is why I hate crabapples).

Fast forward 20+ years and I have a new hatred for crabapples.  Turns out, when Mike and I bought our house, it came with not one, but TWO crabapple trees.  Joy!  The apple tree in the back of the house is fairly harmless as it is in the back corner of the property.  However, the other tree is right in the middle of our front yard.  The problem is that the apples drop onto the lawn and mess with our lawn mower.  So, since we can’t mow over them, I have pick them up by hand.  Do you know how many apples are on a crabapple tree?  A lot!  Last weekend was the first weekend I had to pick up apples this year.  Thankfully, I only had one garbage bag full.  As summer fades and fall approaches though, I’m sure I’ll be picking up 2-3 bags of apples a week.  I feel so lucky!

And it stinks because we just throw the apples out.  I do not have time to make crabapple jelly or crabapple butter and even if I did, I’m not entirely convinced it would be safe.  So, what do we do with them?  They go out with the trash.  What a waste.  What a miserable waste.

Marissa Sweet

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