Faithful Intentions

So, Mike and I decided to start going to church again.  However, we want to find a church that we can actually enjoy going to.  Church should not feel like a chore.  So, we decided to try out a local parish around the corner from us this morning.  I looked up the mass times last night and we made a plan to go to the 10:30 mass this morning.  I was excited to get back into it and was looking forward to attending a new church.

Well, Mike and I got up and around this morning and got to church around 10:15.  The parking lot was EMPTY!  What???  So confused.  I check the website again…yup…still says mass is at 10:30 on Sundays.  Clearly  the website was wrong though as there was no one in the parking lot!  So, we left.  We went and ran all of our errands and got lunch.  Come to find out, mass actually started at 11.  Talk about a disappointment.  Here I am ready to start something new.  I was excited and optimistic.  What a let down.  Mike works next weekend and I have wedding planning plans.  Hopefully we can try again in two weeks though.  Good intentions count for something though, right?

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