Five Reasons I Love Watching Live Baseball

Summer and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly…per perfection.  Now, I am not a baseball lover.  In fact, I can’t stand watching baseball on TV.  But, there is just something about going to an actual game that just makes my summer complete. 

I am lucky enough to live in a city with a minor league baseball team and last Friday night I got to go cheer on the Buffalo Bison’s baseball team as they took on Scranton.  The game ended with a Bison’s win and a walk-off home run.  It was awesome.  It got me thinking and here are my top five things I love about watching a live baseball game.

1.    Outdoor entertainment.  I love any type of outdoor entertainment in the summer time.  Whether it’s a bonfire in my backyard, an outdoor concert, or a baseball game.  We only get a few months of nice weather, I want to enjoy it.  After the Bison’s game last week they had a big fireworks show.  They do fireworks for every Friday night home game.  So, we got to watch the game under the lights and then they lit up the sky.  It was quite the night.

2.    Down time.  Now, I can’t stand watching baseball on TV.  I think it just moves to slow for me.  The announcers bore me with their filler talk and there are tons of commercial breaks.  Ho-hum.   However, when watching in person, the slow pace of the game is nice because it allows me to chat with the people that I’m with without fear of missing something exciting.  So, I get to watch a baseball game and chit chat with my friends without being bored by announcers running off stats I don’t care about.

3.    Crowd involvement.  I love that when you go to a baseball game, the announcers and team really do a lot to get the crowd involved.  There are all of the t-shirt tosses, the between-inning competitions, the seventh inning stretch, the kiss cam, etc.  Games are always more fun when the crowd gets involved.

4.    Music.  I love music and I especially love listening to music outdoors.  When you go to a baseball game, the home team players all have songs that they like played before they bat and of course there is music played between innings.  When I was at the game on Friday there was a group of young boys and their dads sitting in front of us at the game.  The boys loved the music that played during the game and their dance moves alone were worth the cost of admission to the game.  So funny!

5.    Hot dogs, beer, peanuts, popcorn and all that other yummy stadium food.  Baseball and summertime staples.  Gimme a hot dog, beer, and a baseball game and you’ve got my perfect summer night out.

What do you love about baseball?

Marissa Sweet

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