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So, I previously posted my excitement about attending a Garth Brooks concert.  If you missed it, you can read about it here.  As a follow up, I wanted you all to know… it was everything I had hoped it would be.  I lost my voice from singing so much.  Here is how the night went…

My sister arrived in town around 11:30 and we both got ready for the concert.  It is really hard to figure out what to wear to an indoor country concert in March.  We settled on acceptable outfits though and were downtown by 2 pm.  We started off at this place called Buffalo Iron Works. I had done my research prior to the show and Iron Works is great little spot right across from the arena and they were having live country music all day/night in honor of the Garth concert.  So, we got there right at 2 o’clock when they were opening their doors.  As we were the first ones in we were able to get a big table right near the stage.  Friends of mine, as well as my cousin and her boyfriend, met us there.  It was perfect.  The place filled in pretty quickly, but because we had a table, we had a waitress to bring us our beers and food so we didn’t have to fight the crowds.  The band that played while we were there was The Marshall Dillon Band.  I developed a total girl crush on their female lead singer.  And holy cow…the guy with the fiddle…very entertaining!  The band played all the modern hits and we all sang along.  It was a ton of fun.

Then, around 5:15ish, my sister and I decided to head over to the arena.  We had made a pact not to get too drunk prior to the concert because, hello, it’s Garth, we wanted to remember the whole thing.  So, we had three beers (maybe 4) at Iron Works then grabbed 2 more each before settling into our seats.

Our seats were in the 200s, center stage.  It was perfect.  We made friends with the couple sitting to our right.  They were okay.  They had participated in the shamrock run earlier and the day and bought tickets off of some scalper because they needed something to do.  So, they weren’t really big country fans.  So, we chatted about running and compared pictures of our dogs before the music started.  Once the opening act came on though, we never spoke to them again.

The opening act was pretty good, but it all honesty, I used the 20 minutes she was on to make a bathroom run.  Then…it was time for Garth.  He was GREAT!  Honestly, I was expecting a lot more talking and interaction from him during the show, but there just wasn’t any time.  He has a LOT of hits and he played them all. By the 2nd song we were on our feet and had made a new friend, Stacy.  She was sitting to my right.  She was probably in her late 30s/early 40s.  She had 3 (maybe 4) kids at home and going to a Garth concert was something she was crossing off of her bucket list.  She was there with a bunch of her girlfriends, but they weren’t nearly as fun as my sister and I were, so we welcomed Stacey into our little group.  The three of us then sang and sang and sang and…sang.

Then Trisha Yearwood came on.  The woman is amazing.  She looked and sounded great.  We sang some more.  I think we called my parents, my best friend, my boyfriend, and my sister’s best friend during the show.  We couldn’t hear them on the other end because we were too busy singing, but I’m sure they were all grateful for the calls and the chance to hear some Garth.

Garth         Garth         The Dance

Garth ended the show with Standing Outside the Fire.  If you read my pre-Garth post, you know this is one of my favorite songs.  He killed it!  The show ended and I immediately felt myself coming down off the musical high I had been on for the past 7.5 hours.  My sister and I wandered the streets of Buffalo, but we just couldn’t capture that energy that had been present in the arena.  We grabbed one more drink at a local bar then hailed a cab home.  I went to bed with a smile on my face and woke up with no voice.  Best. Show. Ever.  Thank you Garth for an amazing experience.


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