How to Throw a Surprise Party for a Pregnant Lady

So this past weekend I went to a surprise birthday party for my girlfriend who is eight months pregnant.  Not wanting to scare her and put her into labor, her sister planned the perfect surprise party.

We all gathered at the host’s house about an hour before the guest of honor was to arrive.  The host had told the birthday girl to come to her house around 3-3:30 to watch some fight that their husbands were into.  We got to the house around 2.  Once there, we were let in on the plan.  We we going to tell the story of the birthday girl’s life. Awww.

All the guests were to stand behind a curtain that read “Happy 30th Birthday”.  When the birthday girl walked in her parents were going to tell (read) the story of her life and as they got to different stages, different people would walk out.  So cute!

Well, the poor birthday girl ended up being late to her own party (she had a need to make brownies and buy ice cream for brownie sundaes).  Poor girl really had no idea.  When she walked in to the host’s house, her parents and grandparents were there and she thought that was the surprise because she wasn’t expecting the grandparents. Cute.  Then mom and dad starting reading the story.  They talked about her baptism and aunts and uncles and then they came out from behind the curtain. Surprise!  Then they talked about her sister being born and her sister and her fiance came out.  Surprise!  Then there were some more family friends, then her brother and his girlfriend. Surprise!  Birthday girl thought it was just a nice family party.  Awww.

Then we got into the high school years and a couple of high school friends came out from behind the curtain.  One friend came in all the way from Vermont.  Surprise!  Then came college and that’s when myself and couple other girlfriends from Buffalo came out.  Surprise!  Then after college came her husband, her first baby, and then mention of the new little guy on the way.  Her husband gave a beautiful speech.  It was all very nice!

The whole thing was super cute.  She kept being more and more surprised.  She cried.  It was cute.  A very cute idea for anyone wishing to throw a surprise party but not wanting to scare the guest of honor.

Marissa Sweet

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