Monday Menu 5/31/15

Sunday we went to Duff’s and got some wings.  So good.  Buffalo is known for their wings and Duffs is by far the best.  Sunday night we had pulled pork sandwiches on leftover hamburger buns.  I like using Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauces.  They have a variety of flavors and, even though I’m not a real fan of BBQ sauce, I like them all.

Monday I had leftovers and Mike ate at the fire hall.

Tuesday I made loaded nachos.  We had a bunch of tortilla chips leftover from our Memorial Day party and I LOVE nachos.  I used ground chicken and cooked it with a little cumin, chili powder, and minced garlic (rather than taco seasoning).  Once the meat was done, I added it the chips, spread on some salsa, jalapeno slices, and cheese (lots of cheese).  I then put the nachos in the oven to cook.  While they were in the oven, I made some guacamole for dipping.  Mike and I love guacamole.

Wednesday I just marinaded some chicken in Italian dressing early in the morning and then Mike grilled up the chicken later that night.  We had ended up making sandwiches with the grilled chicken, hamburger buns, provolone cheese, and sliced tomatoes.  Yum!

Thursday I tried this recipe I found on Pinterest for Balsamic Chicken Spinach and Tomato Pasta Salad.  It has tortellini.  I love tortellini.  The meal turned out really good.  Mike described it as “interesting”, but he went back for seconds at dinner and took leftovers for lunch on Friday so I think it is safe to say he liked it.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t really planned out.  As such, we ate mostly hot dogs and hamburgers.  I’m not complaining!


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