Ten Reasons to Celebrate Being Single This Holiday Season

Single this Christmas?  Don’t get down.  Sure, sometimes it can get lonely when you’re single during the holiday season, but, it can also be a blessing.  Here are ten reasons to celebrate being single this holiday. No need to compromise when it comes to how you spend the holiday.  When you’re single you get to […]

Cheesy Date Night In

So Mike and I have both been feeling a little (lot) stressed lately.  So, last week I decided I was going to plan a special, relaxing night, just the two of us.   Sunday I went grocery shopping and picked up a few extra items, including a box of Whoppers, a Kit Kat bar, beef jerky, […]


Welcome to my blog about creating a sweet life.  My name is Marissa Sweet.  I have had a sweet life, mainly because my last name is Sweet.  If it weren’t for the name though, I don’t know as if I would consider my life “sweet”.  So far life has been good, but rocky.  I have […]