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So Tuesday was National Mutt day.  So, let me introduce you to my mutt, Leo.


Leo is a pit bull/catahoula leopard mix.  Mike and I rescued him from the Buffalo City Animal Shelter in July.  He is six months old and Mike and I are totally in love.  He is good boy.  He loves people, especially kids, and loves other dogs.  He is a social butterfly.  Our house backs up to a park and Leo is the unofficial park greater.

Words cannot describe that feeling of coming home and seeing his little tail go wiggle wiggle.  If you are lonely or sad of bored in life, I highly recommend getting a dog, especially a rescue dog.  While they are a huge commitment, they provide endless amounts of unconditional love.


So, in return for all of the love and puppy kisses Leo gives me, I decided to make him a special treat.  For Thanksgiving I made my mom’s famous sweet potato casserole (recipe to be posted later).  I had a few sweet potatoes leftover and I had found this recipe on Pinterest:  http://petcouponsavings.com/homemade-sweet-potato-chews-dog-treats/ .  The treats were incredibly easy to make, they made the house smell like cinnamon, and Leo LOVED them.

Dog treats   waiting   yum


I also picked up the pup a nice little Christmas gift.  He is getting a three month subscription to BarkBox(https://www.barkbox.com/).  I have heard wonderful things about this company and they give 10% of all proceeds to dogs in need.  I will be sure to give a review of Leo’s BarkBox  after Christmas.  In the meantime, if you’re feeling a little down and out this holiday season, consider adopting a dog.  They need us as much as we need them and there is a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend.

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  • Kimberlee

    We rescued our Siberian Husky Noel one year ago today! She is still pretty skidish and doesn’t like strangers and other animals too well but she has come a very long way in the last year. We have heard some stories of the abuse she was subjected to and it breaks my heart. I don’t know how anyone could be mean to a beautiful dog like her. She has been the best thing to come my way in a long time. I know how you feel about Leo because we feel the same way about Noel.

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