Sunday Brunch

I hosted a little brunch this past Sunday for a few of my friends.  The original menu called for fruit salad, french toast, strawberry pastriesbreakfast bruschettahashbrown, spinach, and tomato pie, and bacon (turkey and regular). Lets start with the fruit salad.  That was easy; I bought a pre-packaged fruit salad from Wegmans.  The strawberry pastries were not nearly as easy though.  I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I burnt them.  Oops.  They were so bad I couldn’t serve them.  Ugh!  I tossed them right from the oven into the garbage.

The bruschetta didn’t go quite as planned either.  I ended making the eggs and putting them in a separate bowl.  I did smash the avocado and spread it on the sliced bread.  That itself was delicious.  We had some difficulty getting the scrambled eggs to stay on the bread though.  So, most people ate the eggs separate from the bread.  Both were yummy though.

Now the pie, that was easy and yummy.  I did everything exactly according to instructions and it turned out great.  It is the perfect combination of eggs, veggies, and potato.  YUM!

Then there was the bacon.  I made turkey bacon and regular bacon.  I made the first couple of batches in the oven.  This was my first time.  While it was definitely easier than frying them up, it was really messy and took longer than I thought.  I ended up making the last 2 batches in the microwave.  I find nuking the bacon is faster, less messier, and makes the bacon even crispier.

Lastly, there was the cocktails.  I discovered black cherry juice and OMG was it scrumptious!  So we served up some champagne with sides of OJ and black cherry juice.

Overall brunch was a great success.  Thank God my sister was up visiting for the weekend and able to help me prepare everything though.  Had it not been for her I’m not sure I would have been able to have everything ready on time and have it all be warm.  So, thank you Sister.  And thank you to my friends for bringing me flowers and a chew toy for Leo, it was very thoughtful of you and much appreciated.  Cheers!


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