Ten Reasons to Celebrate Being Single This Holiday Season

Single this Christmas?  Don’t get down.  Sure, sometimes it can get lonely when you’re single during the holiday season, but, it can also be a blessing.  Here are ten reasons to celebrate being single this holiday.

  1. No need to compromise when it comes to how you spend the holiday.  When you’re single you get to do what you want!   You can spend the whole holiday with your family if you want.  AND…you don’t have to leave early to make it to your significant other’s family.  Tell Mom you’ll be passing on the guilt trip this year!                                                                  guilt
  2.  You only have to buy gifts for your family.  There will be no stress trying to find the perfect gift for his picky sister or her impossible dad.  Nope, you only have to worry about your own picky sister and impossible dad.
  3. Not only to do you not have to buy for a significant other’s family, you don’t have to buy for a significant other!  Phew!  Think of all the money you’re saving.  You could even buy yourself a little something special with all of the saved money.
  4. You only have one annoying work party to go to.  There is only so much forced fun one should have to tolerate.  What the heck is a white elephant gift anyway? White Elephant Gifts
  5. You can kiss ANYONE under the mistletoe or on New Years Eve.  The possibilities are endless!  Mistletoe
  6. You get to decorate how YOU want to decorate.  Who cares if your apartment is too small, you’re getting a real tree!  Tinsel is tacky?  Not to you.  TINSEL EVERYWHERE!                                                                                                         tinsel
  7. You can listen to the Mariah Carey Christmas album on repeat without shame or embarrassment.
  8. You can watch all of your favorite corny holiday movies (A Very Brady Christmas), without judgment.  Find the full list of holiday movies here:  2014 Christmas Movie Schedule
  9. Go ahead…have another cookie.  No one is looking.                                                     cookie
  10. You get to be 100% selfish.  Go to the parties YOU want to.  Spend Christmas with YOUR family.  Have another cookie.  Have another drink.  Watch another corny Hallmark holiday movie.  Turn up that WHAM! song and belt it out.  Take the time this holiday season to focus on YOU and what YOU want.

Marissa Sweet

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