The Proposal

Well, I am officially engaged to be married!  Mike popped the question Saturday night.  Here’s how it happened…

I had been feeling a little down the past few weeks and had made the comment about how I can’t catch a break.  I was being serious at the time, but over the next few weeks/days, it had become more dramatic and comical to the point I was saying how I couldn’t even catch a break with my picks for the NCAA tournament.  Waaa!

So, Saturday night Mike and I had gone for dinner and some drinks to watch the basketball games.  Afterwards, we went to Cheesecake Factory and picked up some cheesecake to take home for dessert.  We got home and were standing in the kitchen and the conversation went something like this:

Mike:  So I know you feel like you can’t catch a break lately, but I caught the biggest break of my life the day I met you and I’m hoping you want to spend the rest of your life with me.  (Gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring) Marissa Joan Sweet, will you marry me?

Me:  For real???? (crying) YES!

My beautiful ring!

My beautiful ring!

So, that’s how it went down.  Now we’re in total planning mode because we’ve decided to get married this October/November.  Yeah, that’s in 7 months!  We’re planning our wedding in Buffalo and have a few places we’re going to look at next week.  If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!


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  • Melissa Gregory

    So excited for you guys!

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