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A lot has been done since I last posted about Wedding Planning here.  Since getting the engagement pictures done we have finalized the guest list and sent out MOST of the save the dates.  For our save the dates we decided to go with post cards.  Well, the price for post card stamps recently went up and we couldn’t get our hands on enough stamps.  We are also still trying to get some more addresses.  MOST of the save the dates have gone out though.  We used Wedding Paper Divas to create our save the dates.  They were really easy to use, we received them in a timely fashion, and they weren’t super expensive.  Wins all around.  And I think they came out really great too.

Save The Date

We also went to Tuxedo Junction and got the tuxes taken care of.  It was harder than I thought it would be because we didn’t have a swatch with us from the girls’ bridesmaid dresses and the solid vest in the color we THINK matches the dresses was gone so we had to visualize using a patterned vest.  Personally, I think they’ll look pretty sharp, but I am not good visualizing.  Thankfully though, we have time to change things up if we need to.

After tuxes we moved right on to wedding bands.  We did some shopping around and ultimately ended up getting both of our rings from the Kay Jewelers outlet in Niagara Falls.  The bands were much cheaper at the outlet than at any store or online and they were just what we wanted.  Perfect!

Most recently I settled on a hair and makeup stylist for the day of the wedding.  This had been a huge stress for me because of pricing.  I have been in a lot of weddings and for all of them the hair stylist came to us and I don’t think I ever paid more than $65 plus tip.  When looking for my own stylist it was really important for me to have someone come to us.  I get anxiety and I know if I had to worry about driving back and forth to a salon I would be stressed.  Well, for the longest time I could not find a stylist who would come to me on the day of the wedding and charge the girls less than $75. $75 was the cheapest I found as most places were closer to $85 or $95.  It was frustrating because I don’t think all of the girls are doing up-dos and they shouldn’t have to pay that much just to have their hair styled.  Just as I was about to book the $75 place though, I found a place that will come to us and charge only $65 for the girls’ hair.  I did a lot of reading up on them and they have great reviews.  Cheap is a plus, but cheap and reputable is a no-brainer.   Booked!

Next up on the list are invitations and flowers.  I also have an appointment with my venue wedding planner next weekend to discuss reception decor.  So fun and exciting!

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