Wedding Wednesday: A Day at the Spa

All of my bridesmaids went above and beyond for me, so I really wanted to do something nice for them.  So, as part of their gifts, I booked us for a spa day at KaLu Salon and Day Spa for the day before the wedding.  They seemed to have good reviews and they offered spa parties for a really reasonable price.  Kalu has an option to pick 2 spa treatments for $80 and then you can add an express manicure for an additional $20.  Done!  Sold! 

So, I emailed my bridesmaids, Mike’s mom, and my mom, and told them I was treating them to a spa day and to let me know what treatments they wanted.  I then called and booked our spa party for noon on the day before the wedding.  I booked the party in May, but when I called, I wasn’t very confident that the person I was speaking to knew exactly what I was booking.  So, about 2 months before the wedding, I called the spa to confirm, and sure enough…they only had us down for pedicures.  So, I actually spoke with the owner and confirmed what it was I was looking to book. Then, per her request, I emailed her directly a list with everyone’s name and what treatment they wanted from the pick two choices.  All of us wanted a pedicure and then some wanted massages, some wanted facials, some wanted a skin peel, but I laid it all out for her.  I then noted that everyone also wanted the manicure.  I got an email back letting me know we were all set.  YAY!

However, despite two phone conversations and written confirmation, when we showed up for our appointment, the spa only had us in for our pedicures.  To say I was pissed would be an understatement.  I tried to maintain my composure and not be a total b*tch, but I’m not really good at hiding things, especially when I want other people to know I am not pleased with them.  So, as politely as I could, I asked if we could still at least get the manicures.  I mean, I was getting married and had stopped biting my nails, I wanted/needed a manicure.  I was told that they would try to fit us in around their already scheduled appointments.  As it ended up, all of us were able to get manicures, but I ended up being the last one there, by myself, because everyone else had to go back, check in to their hotels, and get ready for rehearsal.  It was not the relaxing/girl-bonding day I had envisioned.  The ONLY good part about my experience there was pedicure…that was pure heaven.  AND, most of the staff was nice.  However, I would NOT go there again as they are completely unreliable.  Further, my manicure didn’t last past the wedding.  Not that it really needed to, but it would have been nice to have a manicure on the honeymoon.  All of the girls had the same problem with their manicures too.  Needless to say, I won’t be going back

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