Wedding Wednesday: What’s in a name?

Today I changed my name from Marissa Sweet to Marissa Neel.  What’s in a name?  A whole heck of a lot if your name was Marissa Sweet.  Marissa Sweet was a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend.  She was a three sport athlete in high school with numerous trophies, medals, and school records.  I’m pretty sure her name is still up on the record well in the high school gym.  She received a bachelor’s degree in Communication and was president of her sorority.  She ran 4 half marathons and lived to tell about it.  Marissa Sweet graduated from law school and passed the NYS bar exam.  She was admitted to practice in NYS Federal Court.  Then she fell and love, got married and disappeared. 

Now what about Marissa Neel?  Who is she? What has she done?  Not much so far, but don’t worry, I have big plans.  Marissa Neel is not only a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend, but is also now a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and wife.  Marissa Neel will be a mom (eventually mom, calm down) and maybe even a grandma. Rumor has it birthing children and raising them is no easy task.  Added to that Mrs. Neel is likely to establish herself in her career, maybe start a new career, and will probably run a few more half marathons.  Who knows?  The possibilities are limitless.

I’m pretty sad about giving up my last night.  I know I didn’t have to do it, a lot of women are choosing to keep their maiden names, but I didn’t want to.  My husband, the poor guy, agreed to put up with me for the rest of our lives and bought me a diamond right and a wedding band as symbols of his devotion and commitment.  So, in return, I bought him a wedding band and decided to take his last as symbols of my devotion and commitment.  Now, going forward, my husband and I will present a united front.  I will have the same last name as him and as my children and we will all be known as “the Neels”.  That’s why, as “sweet” as my last name was, I’m excited to be a Neel.  Rumor has it, it is pretty sweet to be a Neel.

What about you?  Did you change your last name after getting married?  Why or why not?

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