What to Tell Your Kids About Santa

I have never really doubted that Santa Claus is real.  Every Christmas my dad would tell us how he heard Santa on the roof.  Sometimes the dog would even get barking.  Then, one Christmas, we went to Grandma and Papa’s house on Christmas Eve like we always did.  When we left, there were no presents under the tree.  However, when we returned several hours later, there were all of our Christmas presents nicely wrapped and under the tree.  Santa was the only explanation.  It couldn’t have been my parents, they were with me and my sister at Grandma and Papa’s.

Norman Rockwell's "The Discovery, 1956"

Norman Rockwell’s “The Discovery”

That one incident kept me from questioning whether Santa was real for a very long time.  However, once I got into middle school I couldn’t help but start to wonder if everything I was hearing was true.  So, I asked my mom about it.  She gave me the best answer ever!  She told me that OF COURSE Santa is real. She explained to me about St. Nicholas and about how he liked to give secret presents and adored children.  She explained that Christmas was about celebrating the birth of Jesus and to celebrate him,  parents “become” St. Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) by giving secret presents to one another and making Christmastime magical for all of the children.  She then told me that, yes, she and my dad were the ones buying gifts and putting them under the tree at night, but they did so in spirit of Christ and St. Nicholas.



So, now, at age 30, I still get presents under the tree signed “From: Santa”.  I never snoop for gifts.  I hate knowing what “Santa” is getting for other family members.  It is important, even as an adult, to keep the magic present during the holiday season.  No matter how old you are, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ and embracing the spirit of St. Nicholas.

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