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Monday was our first wine tasting girls night.  I recently joined Club W so I get three bottles of wine a month delivered right to my door step.  So, my two girlfriends and I decided to make the most of Club W and use it as a way to figure out what wines we like and why.  The wine came about 2 weeks ago and we had our first tasting Monday night.

The Wine Has Arrived!

The Wine Has Arrived!

I got two bottles of red and one bottle of white.  Each wine came with a card that gave a description of the wine, when to serve it, how to serve it, what grapes were used to make it, its origin, what is smells like, and the alcohol content by volume.  So I set out the bottles, the cards, and the food and we got to tasting.

Ready to Taste

Ready to Taste

Wine #1: 2013 La Obscura Pinot Noir

According to the descriptive card, La Obscura has “red berry aromas, a touch of oak, and a balance of fresh fruit”.  It is described as “big and beefy” and it’s supposed to smell like baked berries, violets, potting soil, cherry cola, and clove.  Now, I always thought I liked Pinot Noir, but I did not care for this wine.  It was very light…too light.  Definitely not big and beefy.  It seemed almost watered down.  Additionally, it was a little too earthy for me.  Maybe it was because they told me it would smell like potting soil, but all I could taste (besides water), was dirt.  Not really, but it definitely had an earthy flavor.  I could taste the oak.  I didn’t actually mind the taste of the wine, but I would never order it at dinner just because its so light.  I like my wine with a little more body.  The other tasters agreed.  We’d pass on this one.

Wine #2: 2013 Ville Basse Red

This wine is described as a classic Southern French wine with ripe flavor, soft texture, and a bit of earth.  It was supposed to smell like raspberry, black cherry, and rhubarb and it did!  Smelling the wine it smelled a little stronger than La Obscura and definitely fruitier.  However, when I took my first sips, I could not taste the fruit.  Again, all I could taste was the “earth”.  Now, I liked this wine better than La Obscura because it had a lot more body, but I still was not overly impressed.  I liked it, but didn’t love it.

Wine #3: 2014 Zwicker Edelzwicker

This wine is made using Riesling and Gerurztraminer grapes.  It’s an off-dry white wine best served chilled.  it’s noted to smell like white flower, jasmine, green apple, orange rind, and lychee.  I don’t even know what lychee is!  I could definitely smell and taste the flowers though.  I don’t really know what my thoughts are on this wine.  For being a Riesling, it was not overwhelmingly sweet, which I liked.  However, I think the floral taste was a little much.  Regardless though, out of the three wines provided, this was the one we liked the best and we finished the bottle.

Overall though, between the soil and flowers there was just too much earth in my wine and the girls agreed.  All three were wines that we would drink, but we didn’t love any of them and if we had ordered these wines out at a restaurant, we would not have ordered second glasses.

Wine is never “bad” though.  I love wine and I love wine nights with the girls.  Along with the wine we had some Yancy’s Fancy Strawberry Chardonnay and Champagne cheeses, Triscuit crackers, grapes, strawberries, and this yummy Fruit Dip.  We got to lounge around in our sweats all night and be girly and it was a fun time.  I can’t wait to do it again next month.

If you like wine and would like to know more about it, you should check out Club W.  Sign up and place your first order through my referral link  and you’ll get two bottles of wine on the house and I’ll get a free bottle too.  It’s a win win.


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